☝️ If you have Smart Sender chosen as the first step in the integration, and you need to receive contact data, you need connect Onlizer Webhook to Smart Sender.

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  1. Check that the integration is published.

  2. Copy Webhook.

  3. Connect Webhook to Smart Sender.

1️⃣ The first step is to check that the integration is published

👉 You need to save and publish the integration to create a Webhook

2️⃣ Copy Webhook

After publishing, you need to go to the project settings (use Project button at the bottom panel) — go to the Endpoints section and copy the Webhook👇

3️⃣ Connect Webhook to Smart Sender

1. Go to "Console" section.

2. Click on block named "Smart Messenger".

3. Click on sections "Funnels".

4. Click on the "funnel you need" 👇

5. Click on "Edit button" on top of the page.

6. Add "Perfom Action".

7. Connect "Perfom Action" block to "First block".

8. Select "POST" method.

9. Past "Copied Webhook".

10. Go to "Body" and click on "Paste all contact variables".

11. Click "Confirm" 👇

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