💡 In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect the Onlizer webhook to Puddle to set up the integration where Puddle will send notifications to launch the integration.

Very important 🔥 This instruction will help you set up the integration only if you do not currently have any other Puddle webhook connected. If you already have any webhook connected to Puddle, then use this instruction →

Save and Publish your integration

We have made an instruction on the example of integrating Paddle with Mailchimp, you can have any service instead of Mailchimp.

After you have completed the settings for each integration step, you need to "Save" your integration and then "Publish" the integration.

Copy address

Next, you need to go to the "Endpoints" section and "Copy address" the webhook that is associated with this integration.

Connect webhook to Paddle

After, go to the section in Paddle personal account 👉 paste the link into the webhook form 👉 tick the necessary events after which Paddle will send notifications to the webhook 👉 "Save changes"

The result after all the steps should be like this:

✔️ Integration in Onlizer saved and published.

✔️ Webhook is connected to Paddle.

✔️ Necessary events in Puddle are marked.

✔️ The settings for the webhook in Puddle are saved.

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