A task is a unit of measure in Onlizer that allows you to estimate how many resources the integration uses.

For example, if the integration to transfer a request from a site to CRM works once, two tasks are spent.

We receive an average of 500 requests per month - 500 * 2 tasks = 1,000 tasks per month.

It is now possible to calculate how many tasks will be needed to ensure the volume of requests and to select the appropriate fare.

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How is the cost of integration calculated for one launch?

The tasks spent are calculated on the basis of integration steps or seconds of integration.

For example, integration consists of four steps:

1. Timed integration every hour.
2. Export data from CRM.
3. Formatting the letter text.
4. Send mail via Gmail.

This process consists of 4 steps, and it runs for three seconds — this integration costs 4 tasks.

But if integration is 4 steps, but it takes 7 seconds, then it costs 7 tasks.

As you can see from the examples above, the cost of integration is estimated at a higher value of steps or seconds.

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How do you see how many tasks integration costs per execution?

Need to go to Project Runs History.

See an example of how many tasks use in one execution. 👇

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